Programming, webdesign etc.

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Hello and welcome to my website! I'm a student in Information Networks (that's a degree programme in Aalto University) from Finland. I like programming and creating websites and I am an active member of CoolBasic community. I am also a fan of open source projects and have a few of my own. One of my projects is a top down online shooter called NetMatch. Visit my GitHub page if you want to see the rest of my awesome projects.

I've collected some projects here, so point your browser to the Projects-page and check out what I've done! You can also go and try the fluid layout with rounded borders I made and the proof-of-concept platformer I made with just canvas and JavaScript. I'm in the process of rebuilding that platformer from scratch, so stay tuned to find out more!

Contact me

If you have a sudden urge to share something with me, check out the footer. There's my e-mail (which is hopefully protected from spambots) — I'll try to respond to your mails as soon as possible. I also do have a Twitter account which I check out regularly but tweet more seldom: @valscion.